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Four Seasons Condoms campaign wants Australian millennials to have more sex


By Shawn Lim, Reporter, Asia Pacific

January 23, 2020 | 3 min read

Four Seasons Condoms wants millennials in Australia to start having safe and healthy sex again with the introduction of an in-pack education kit.

According to the condoms brand, there is a “millennial sex recession” as statistics reveal that young adults are having 50% less sex than their parents’ generation.

It wants to change this through a campaign called “Generation Intervention” and created by CHE Proximity. The campaign introduces the Generation Intervention Pack, a limited-edition educational kit designed to equip parents to be surrogate-sex therapists and encourage their adult children to have sex.

The pack was created in collaboration with sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer and contains 52 Ice Breaker cards for parents to have a conversation with their adult children, with the aim of helping them to navigate the world of modern dating and the understand the mental benefits.

There is also “The Talk 2.0” for parents to check-in on the wellbeing on their adult children and discuss the social and emotional issues that may be affecting their libido. Once ‘The Talk 2.0’ takes place, parents are encouraged to hand over the pack and its contents so they can be used by their adult children.

Each pack contains three sizes of condoms from the Four Seasons Naked range, lubricant, female pleasure gel and a vibrating toy.

Four Seasons Condoms also engaged parents of influencers to help their famous influencer children to explain how “Generation Intervention” could be done.

Working with YouTube and Twitch star Oren Hipwell, comedian and celebrated podcaster Tom Armstrong, and The Daily Talk Show, parents were filmed in real-time intervening and questioning their children on their sexual behaviour.

The three films will live on influencer sites and on the Four Seasons Condoms social pages.

“Young people are facing more barriers to sex than ever before. Increased social media is depriving them of real human connection and usage can contribute to feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression,” said Michael Porter, the sales and marketing director at Four Seasons Condoms.

“With almost a quarter of young people in Australia facing mental health challenges we wanted to make sure that we created a moment this year where parents could sense check how their children are doing.”

“Low libido can be an indicator of a wider problem and there’s no one better equipped to have this conversation than parents. Although they may not know it, they are the experts.”

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