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IAB Europe releases consent management platform compliance tool: 131 of 150 CMPs pass

IAB Europe releases consent management platform compliance tool: 131 of 150 CMPs pass

IAB Europe has launched its Consent Management Platform (CMP) Validator Tool, revealing that 131 of 150 participating providers are currently fit for purpose.

With GDPR enforcement tightening, consent management platforms, which are employed by websites to transparently collect, store, and share consent information across the ad ecosystem, are having to align with the most recent frameworks to ensure the data they collect is legally gathered.

Of 150 CMPs that registered for the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) validation, the body's effort to ensure that consent and data is legally collected, 131 were awarded the official TCF v1.1 Compliant Seal.

However, the goalposts are always moving. Just in October, for example, the Court of Justice of the European Union (Curia) ruled that pre-ticked forms for cookies are incapable of legally gathering consent to track consumers. Other tricks and methods have been employed to either obfuscate from or obstruct users from viewing and altering their ad preferences.

On the launch of the Validator tool, Townsend Fehan, chief executive of IAB Europe, said “The CMP Validator is a comprehensive testing tool, built with ease of use and comprehensive feedback as key considerations. It is an example of the commitment of IAB Europe and National IABs to help companies comply with European privacy and data protection law and ensure the longer-term sustainability of the ad-supported Internet.”

The full list of compliant CMP's are available here.

Below are the issues the tool scans for.

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