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Creative Director’s Choice: BSSP's Sinan Dagli on falling in love with the Apple Watch spot

Creative Director’s Choice gives creative directors a chance to highlight the best work around and spotlight campaigns that are making a difference.

This week, Sinan Dagli, group creative director at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP), talks about how he fell in love with the Apple Watch Series 5 spot.

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed.

It all began on a typical northern California morning on 10 September when Apple dropped the spot ‘This Watch Tells Time’. Part of my hardly-unique morning routine includes checking my favorite makers’ latest work on Instagram. That’s when I first saw and fell in love with ‘This Watch Tells Time,’ directed by Apple and Ian Pons Jewell from Reset.

I must have watched the spot half a dozen times before realizing I was going to be late for work.

The spot starts with a voiceover patiently introducing the line “This. Watch. Tells. Time.” In an instant, the pace of the film shifts to a digestible-yet-fast cadence.

The audience is then taken on an incredible visual journey showcasing the magical capabilities of the new Apple Watch 5.

The film techniques used by Powell are as diverse as the features of the device. In this two-minute masterpiece, there is barely any visual repetition as the viewer gets thrown into many unexpected scenes.

Throughout the spot, each repetition of the line “This. Watch. Tells. Time” is juxtaposed by a complex feature of the Apple Watch Series 5. This perfect relationship between the complex and the simple is what makes the spot unique and possibly one of the best product spots ever made (there, I said it).

During my embarrassingly short commute to the agency, I could not get this spot out my head. I was captivated — the VO kept echoing in my head: “This. Watch. Tells. Time. Among other things.” To this day, I am still referencing it daily. My wife is sick of it.

Sinan Dagli is group creative director at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) in San Francisco.

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