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Client: Apple
Date: Sep 2019
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With a flurry of hype, Apple introduced its new products at its Apple Special Event, and with it came fresh campaigns for its new iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5.

The iPhone 11 film shows graphic examples of the phone’s new capabilities, including its new dual camera, faster chip, all-day battery life, higher-quality video and tougher exterior.

It starts with the familiar alarm, waking up an iPhone 11 user, then slams in with the pulsating song Brazooka by NVDES as we see the phone getting knocked around in a car and by a cat to show the toughness of the thicker glass and case. The dual camera is next, showing the ultra-wide pics it can get. It gets dunked under water and iced coffee next to display its water resistance up to two meters for 30 minutes.

High-quality video, including slow motion selfies (already being called a ‘slofie’) is shown next, plus faster and better Face ID, faster chip for gamers and video viewers, a new night mode for photos and a new retina display.

The iPhone 11 Pro got its own video. The approach is more techy in nature, describing its features in detail – like the stainless steel structural band with a touch 3D glass pack, making it the toughest iPhone to date, one that is durable, dust and water-resistant. It also calls out the A13, which it claims is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, plus a triple camera.

The Apple Watch Series 5 ad is much like the iPhone 11 ad, showing how the list of features, chronicling everything from time telling to helping people stay active, healthy and connected, makes sense for everyday wear.

A touching film was also released at the Apple Special Event to highlight the Series 5 watch and how it has affected real people. A series of people are viewed on a video story they recorded about life-changing events that were called out by their Apple Watches. One man states that his watch called the ambulance and his wife after he collapsed during a run, while a woman states that the watch found something wrong during her pregnancy. Another man, who is deaf, states how his watch informs him when his son wakes up, while a father uses the watch to help with his autistic son’s anxiety.