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Vegemite officially certified as a vegan brand

Vegemite turns an official Vegan brand with a certification

Food brand Vegemite has been certified as officially vegan food product by Vegan Australia.

Vegemite posted on Twitter: "Tastes like #Vegemite is certifiably Vegan-Friendly… by doing absolutely nothing to its recipe! Truth be told, it always has been, but now it has been fully certified by Vegan Australia!"

Vegemite senior marketing manager Matt Gray said: "With over 10% of Australians choosing a vegan or vegetarian-based diet, it’s important that they can still enjoy the nation’s favourite spread – so we sought official certification from Vegan Australia."

Vegan Australia certification manager Heath Kilgour said: "Vegemite's certification demonstrates the need for a program that allows brands to give their customers the confidence that their products meet our strict standards.

"The vegan market is rapidly growing and there are big changes in consumer preferences moving towards a plant-based future. The Vegan Australia Certified program allows brands such as Vegemite to show that they recognise and support this trend."

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