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Japan becomes the fastest growing market for overseas products for Singaporeans

Japan becomes the fastest growing market for overseas products for Singaporeans

Japan is the fastest-growing market for overseas purchases, as demand for health supplements rises in Singapore.

Japanese retailers have also been gaining ground in the local retail scene of Singapore, with new Japanese fashion labels and discount stores.

According to Singapore based e-commerce platform Shopee’s Global Deals Survey, when it comes to purchasing Japanese products, quality (70%), variety (75%) and items that are not available in Singapore (73%) are what fuels the appetite of Singaporean shoppers.

Meanwhile, around 3 in 4 Singaporean users shop from overseas brands at least once a month.

Furthermore, a status report found Singapore to be the top market for cross-border shopping in Southeast Asia, and according to a Forrester report, 60% of e-commerce sales consist of overseas orders.

Shopee has also unveiled an in-app space called Global Deals where users can access more than 50 million deals direct from six popular shopping destinations — namely China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Zhou Junjie, chief commercial officer, Shopee said, “Singaporean shoppers have become globalised consumers who now have the world at their fingertips, and they are constantly on the lookout for convenience, quality and variety.

Shopee’s Global Deals caters to this demand by consolidating all our overseas deals into one dedicated emporium, providing shoppers with easy access to a huge variety of listings at competitive prices. Users will be able to shop from an unprecedented number of foreign market places on Global Deals; the highest number of overseas markets available on an e-commerce platform in Singapore.”

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