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Immediate Future report on brand opportunities ahead of this year's Great British Bake Off

Immediate Future are behind new report that reveals trends for brands in upcoming Great British Bake Off show.

Immediate Future has released a new report, analysing data around C4's Great British Bake Off show (GBBO), providing brands with insight on how to make the most from this year’s series.

The results reveal that there is a large tight knit community of consumers that love to talk bakes, bakers and banter, with online conversations packed full of innuendos and memes as well as joyful expressions.

Emotions play a strong part with online interactions, with 57% of posts containing emojis. While most posts are shared and authored by women.

The latest Immediate Future report has discovered patterns in last year’s social data, identifying common trends, triggers and motivations for behaviour on the show.

Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate Future, said: “Now in its 10th year, The Great British Bake Off is a permanent fixture as we head into autumn each year. And on social we get the interesting phenomenon of a temporary, but tight knit, community of consumers, obsessed with everything from bakes to contestant.

Whilst 57% of conversation take place Tuesday 8-9.30 pm, the chatter continues through the week. The opportunity for brands to get involved goes beyond just reaching active audiences, it allows companies to build affinities and rapport with relatable content. In fact, it allows brands the unique opportunity to develop personality.”

Most of the conversations around the show center around the men that feature on it - which mirrors analysis from last year. The report also revealed that long tails of hashtags are proving popular with viewers - good for brands to know. Most of the community will use a variation on #BakeOff or #GBBO, but brands should also look out for weekly tags, such as #cakeweek, #bake or #instagood.

Finally, the report also evaluates which brands have had the most successful side activities. Those that become part of the banter and create a deep brand connection with consumers are likely to push sales further.

The full report can be downloaded for free here.

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