Ads We Like: Amnesty International Indonesia encourages millennials to take action for human rights

Amnesty International Indonesia unveils signature campaign to raise awareness about human rights among millennials

Amnesty International Indonesia and Grey Indonesia have joined forces to create an awareness campaign around human rights among Indonesian youths.

The initial series of posters highlights three human rights child marriage, gender-related persecution, and the suppression of freedom of expression and utilizes single line illustrations to visually communicate the strength of signature campaigns.

The posters are situated in the Amnesty International office and its immediate vicinity (Menteng, a popular hangout spot among the youth). Gradually, in the next few weeks, they will be placed near other familiar touchpoints and often visited locales of Indonesian millennials – trains stations, art galleries and coffee shops.

Sadika Hamid, Amnesty International Indonesia communications manager said: “We at Amnesty International have witnessed how signatures can change people’s lives all over the world. With this campaign, we are hoping that Indonesian youth will recognize its power and start to take action for human rights.”

Patrick Miciano, Grey Indonesia executive creative director said: “Grey Indonesia believes in what Amnesty International stands for. It is a humbling experience to be able to collaborate with one the world’s biggest defenders of human rights.”

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