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Alpaca hairstyles propel woman to fame and success in Samsung Galaxy Note10 ad

Samsung has taken a warm and literally fuzzy approach to the promotion of its Samsung Galaxy Note10, as it stars an alpaca with a trendy hairstyle.

The 60-second film, ‘Alpaca,’ sees a woman driving past a South American alpaca farm, when she has an epiphany. It shows how she uses her Note10’s features – from the intelligent S Pen to the Film Studio – to bring her big idea to life.

After buying the alpacas, she gives them punkish brightly-colored mohawks, which become a viral sensation. The alpacas’ style is seen everywhere, from the streets of Tokyo, to product launches, to late-night talk show appearances, and even making a runway appearance just in time for New York Fashion Week.

The concept, by BBH NY, as part of One Publicis Team Samsung, conveys the message of ‘Do anything, with the next-level power of Note10.’

“We wanted to demonstrate all the seriously high-tech and unique product benefits the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offers in a fun and memorable way. Our goal was to bring spontaneity and a sense of humor to the brand messaging, elevating Samsung and separating it from what is traditionally a cold, feature-focused tech world,” said Jonathan Mackler, executive creative director, BBH NY.

The film was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and features the song Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band/Grandmaster Flash remix.

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