Slingshot's 'spokespuppet' tells customers they call the shots

New Zealand based Internet and mobile provider Slingshot is highlighting the customisation and customer service it offers and telling its customers that they call the shot with 'You Call The Shots' campaign.

As part of the campaign two films titled 'Choose The Broadband Deal' and 'Award Winning Customer Service' and created by VMLY&R, have been released featuring a puppet narrating different plans the brand has to offer and highlighting the awards the brand has won.

The puppet was created by Edward Eyth, the ex-creative director of The Jim Henson Company, and is voiced by Kiwi comic. The films will roll out in 30”, 15” and 6” digital video formats, supported by outdoor, online and social content.

Slingshot consumer general manager, Taryn Hamilton said: “We believe in giving New Zealanders more control over their broadband, power and mobile services. They can control what sort of deals they want, how they want to manage their accounts, and how they want to contact us. So with our new campaign, and ongoing campaigns, we’ll focus on that point of difference and highlight it.”

James Mok, managing director of VMLY&R said: “Slingshot is a great challenger brand that’s always championing a better deal for New Zealanders. Slingshot puts you in control. We were delighted to have a hand in it.”

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