Nearly half of finance marketers suspect they will in-house more work this year

More than 100 senior marketers specialising in the financial sector have highlighted the full extent to which the sector will bring work in-house by 2020.

Of those surveyed nearly half (47.6%) agreed with the statement that more financial brands will likely bring more marketing work in-house by that year with just 32.1% saying they would outsource the same.

When asked which issues about digital marketing were most likely to negatively impinge upon their campaigns fully, 82.5% raised the issue of accurate campaign data while 41.3% voiced concerns over the impact of GDPR legislation and 28.8% raised alarm at the impact of third-party cookies and audience targeting.

Other bones of contention included the issues of transparency in pricing (23.8%). Brand safety issues related to programmatic buying (13.8%) and paying for robot or out of geo traffic (13.8%)

By 2020 financial marketers will increase their budgets by 10% according to the study, which was commissioned by native ad platform Dianomi with the Gramercy Institute.