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Ads We Like: Burger King Kuwait algorithm lowers prices as summer heat rises

Kuwait in the summer is a heat box, with temperatures blasting to over 47°C (116°F). To give people a break from the searing heat, Burger King introduced ‘Hotter is Cooler’, with an algorithm that tracked the temperature and gave people discounts.

Burger King guaranteed that as temperatures went up in the country, the prices on its popular cold indulgences went down in real-time. This was made possible through a dynamic algorithm that mapped the prices of its cold items to real-time temperature data taken from a Weather API.

As temperatures crossed 47°C, customers saw the prices of their favorite sundaes, milkshakes and B-Chill drinks melt away in real-time. A chart showed that if temps hit an unbearable 51°C (122°F), treats were free. Customers tuned into the daily forecast and lined-up outside every Burger King restaurant in Kuwait between 24 July and 3 August 2019.

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The latest campaign, by Memac Ogilvy, built on the brand’s promise to turn Kuwait’s hot summers into memorable experiences.

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