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McDonald’s sets drivers' eyes on the fries with minimalist billboards giving directions

McDonald’s France has homaged the minimalist art movement to create out-of-home ads that direct drivers to its restaurants using a trail of chips.

The campaign from TBWA Paris illustrates the route drivers will have to take to reach the McDo drive thru for a meal. It has created 64 variants of the campaign that it can roll out at relevant sites.

They include prompts like ‘Turn Left’ to the infinitely more complicated ‘2nd exit at the rounabout’ and are available to run on billboards in eight colours.

McDonald’s has priors playing with its identity to lead drivers to its stores using out of home advertising.

In 2018 it used its famous golden arches to direct commuters into its restaurants. The work evoked the Wizard of Oz’s ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’. The campaign was delivered by Cossette and featured on four billboards in Toronto.

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