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Advertisers can now buy Amazon Fire TV inventory through third-party vendors

Advertisers can now buy Amazon's CTV inventory through Dataxu and The Trade Desk

Amazon is making its connected TV inventory more widely available, announcing Friday (26 July) partnerships with Dataxu and The Trade Desk.

Media buyers could previously only access Fire TV inventory through Amazon's demand-side platform (DSP). Now the tech giant is allowing advertisers to execute private marketplace deals with two of the industry's largest DSPs.

Dataxu's chief executive officer Mike Baker called the move a game changer.

"It will catalyze an already-hot programmatic CTV ad market," said Baker. "Our CTV marketplace has already scaled to over 15 billion premium CTV app impressions per month and growing, and Amazon Publisher Service supply will further ramp volume but more importantly expand unique household reach.

Baker noted that adding DSPs should help "connect the dots" in a fragmented marketplace by making it easier to run CTV ad campaigns at scale.

In May, Amazon announced Fire TV – its over-the-top TV device – had 34 million monthly active users. For comparison, Roku has roughly 29 million active users.

Amazon also owns IMBb TV, an ad-supported video on demand service. EMarketer suggests that Amazon's growing video inventory could see it become a "power-player" in ad-supported video.

Amazon released second quarter earnings earlier on Friday, announcing a 37% bump in its ad business to $3bn over the period.