By John Glenday, Reporter

June 20, 2019 | 2 min read

Audi is seeking to electrify vehicle sales with the release of a short promotional tie-in with Marvel’s latest Spiderman installment – by handing Peter Parker the keys to its e-tron GT concept car.

The intervention takes the form of a science fair ‘emergency’ which sees Parker ditch web-slinging in favour of more grounded transport after realising a homemade electric motor just wasn’t going to cut it with the judges. He goes on a a frantic hunt for the ‘greatest electric motor of all time’, which Parker duly obtains complete with attached wheels, after calling in a favour.

Unfortunately for the comic book hero couldn’t win the day this time round after facing his nemesis in the form of a spud powered ‘arc reactor’, leaving him to drive off with nothing but a second-place rosette for his troubles.

M/H VCCP delivered the ad for the Spider-Man sequel, part of a wider product placement in the movie between Sony and Audi.

Audi's PR drive has already seen it gazump BMW in a race to sponsor Bayern Munich, seeing it buy into top properties across sports and entertainment.

In further Spider-Man partner news, Doritos also came one board with limited edition packaging that transforms into a Spider-Man suit.

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