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Old Mout Cider and WWF pledge to protect half a million acres of natural habitat

Old Mout Cider has paired up with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) on an initiative that aims to protect half a million acres of habitat around the world.

The project with WWF is the latest stage of Old Mout's sustainability agenda and its most ambitious goal to date.

Previously, the cider company has endeavoured to protect its mascot and national icon - the kiwi - which helped improve the status of two kiwi species from endangered to vulnerable.

Together with WWF, it hopes to protect the natural habitat of animals across the world, while continuing its kiwi conservation efforts.

A film has been created to draw attention to the cause, starring an adventurous little kiwi.

Once endangered itself, the kiwi jumps from his label and sets out on a journey to help protect other animals' habitats. On his travels, he comes across the WWF panda, whereby the two announce the partnership.

Discussing the campaign, Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider marketing director at Heineken said: “Our ambition is to lead the way as the most sustainable cider – setting the standard to help protect our planet.

"Our partnership with WWF acknowledges the work we’ve done so far for the kiwi in New Zealand and our success in making our cider and packaging the most sustainable it can be."

Naomi Hicks, director of partnerships at WWF, said: “We are the first generation that knows we’re destroying the planet and could be the last that can do anything about it. Partnerships like this one are essential if we’re to halt and reverse nature’s decline.

"That’s why we’re delighted to be joining up with Old Mout to protect vital habitats like the Amazon. We’re looking forward to working together to inspire millions to join the fight for our world.”

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