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Zalora taps data to focus ad spend on viewablility

Zalora optimises against viewability for video ads

South East Asian e-commerce platform Zalora has released a case study around a project with Integral Ad Science to make the most of its budget by focusing on viewability on video platforms.

The brand, which says it only releases a few branding campaigns each year, wanted to make the most of its money and used IAS to run a test across video platforms to see which had the best results. The campaign in question was its You Own Now campaign.

Viewability was the key factor, as it looked at Malaysia and the Philippines to compare its video ads’ effectiveness across online platforms and measure the actual cost of capturing quality views.

As digital media evolves, the means to which brands can optimise spend becomes more fragmented. Viewability and vCPM is a new metric to look at but some are warning that brands already need to be looking beyond viewability to track engagement.

According to IAS, by factoring in viewability, Zalora was able to determine its ads’ cost per unique viewable reach (unique vCPM) and explore how it could capture quality views in the most cost-efficient way.

The winner YouTube and while the case study doesn’t let on what the other platforms were in the running, it does give a clue as to what the results and cost factors were in the research.

Firstly, YouTube ads had a 92% viewability rate across both countries. Further, it first looked at the normal cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates and then factored in viewability to look at the vCPM as a comparison, which altered the view on which platforms were the right channel to invest in.

According to IAS, for this campaign, reaching engaged viewers on YouTube cost less than it did on other video platforms in both Malaysia and the Philippines by 34% and 21%, respectively.

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