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Case Study: Kit Kat, how to revive an iconic confectionary brand

Appetite Creative was asked by Nestle to celebrate and highlight the diversity of Kit Kat's flavours. To make it a talked-about brand with a campaign that stands out from the rest. This Kit Kat case study is a perfect example of why the four-finger wafer crisp bar is such a household name.

Appetite Creative share details of their revival of an iconic confectionary brand like Kit Kat.


The infamous Kit Kat chocolate bar has been a staple in pantries since 1935, when the four-finger wafer crisp chocolate bar was launched in London. Initially created by Rowntree’s of York and now produced by the largest food company in the world, Nestle, Kit Kat has enjoyed many renditions over the years - taking many shapes, sizes, and flavours.

Following the success of their newly-launched Mini Moments Desert Pack, which includes delights such as creme brûlée, cherry brownie, tiramisu, and strawberry cheesecake, Appetite Creative was briefed to show off the package and legacy of the iconic Take A Break bar.


With the idea to to show the tempting flavours of Kit Kat on-screen and turn heads with a confronting campaign, Appetite Creative was fuelled by the tagline: “Why choose one when you can have them all" and wanted to create something as visually appealing as the treats themselves - a nod to all the flavours currently available.

Conscious that a creative campaign too dramaticaly different from previous iterations could be distracting for consumers while pop-ups were deemed annoying for consumers, the agency wanted to showcase all of the chocolate's flavours through using a subtle transition via a carousel-type creative.

However, the agency was also aware that a household brand like Kit Kat needed to release something bold, otherwise it may run the risk of being ignored. In this instance, concentrating on the design was essential.


As Nestle was offering five deserts in one pack, Appetite Creative decided to create a liquid desktop skin that bordered the screen using classic Kit Kat branding and blending it in with the highlights that the latest product offered.

A video was added to the header to draw the consumer's attention without getting in the way of any on-screen content. A dynamic looking page frame was added with scroll function that hid the video, lest the user didn't want to engage with the campaign.

An animation was also inserted, playing on the left banner and teasing the separate desserts while the user clicked througn to the page. A Kit Kat featuring the flavoured packaging emerged from the graphic that framed the page to intice users to click on it and reveal an animated skin showcasing the entire range.

Each flavour had its own video element to encourage users to click through. And the stats speak for themselves with a CTR of over 1.5 %, almost eight times the benchmark.

Most of all the campaign proved that even a well-known confectionary brand can be shown off in new ways.

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