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Ads We Like: Apple says not to mess with Mother Earth with action-packed iPhone film


By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

April 17, 2019 | 3 min read

Apple has promoted its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign for a while, and while it has produced some stunning still photos and compelling videos, the latest effort goes bigger – much bigger.

Don't Mess With Mother

Don't Mess With Mother from Apple

To celebrate the intensity, color, action and vibrancy of our world, Apple is upping the ante on mobile-shot videos with ‘Don’t Mess With Mother,’ an action-packed ode to the globe in time for Earth Day.

The sheer power of Mother Nature is shown in up-close action with scenes one might not think could happen when shooting from an iPhone. From mighty ocean waves to electrifying bolts of lightning, to the animals above and below sea, the beauty and unexpected nature of the planet inspires and impresses through this video.

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ footage was taken in nine countries around the world, each showcasing a magnificent side of nature.

Apple commissioned a skilled group of professional filmmakers from Camp4 Collective, best known for the winning Sundance Film Festival documentary Meru, to capture Mother Earth in all her glory on iPhone XS.

Each individual has a personal passion for preserving and protecting the environment, and the team went to painstaking lengths to capture the earth through the lens of the iPhone.

The film starts with colorful images of animals like seals, reef fish, owls and elephants before a cascading avalanche sets a seriously edgy tone. As the music ramps up – set to the track Last Rites by Megadeth – the action kicks in as alligators hunt, snakes rattle, lightning strikes, volcanoes explode and horses nearly trample the viewer. It’s a film that sometimes reaches out to grab and nearly bite the viewer (see the shark footage), while reminding humans to respect the planet.

‘Don’t Mess With Mother’ debuts on broadcast television leading up to Earth Day. It is noted at the end of the film that additional hardware and software was used in the making of the film, but that doesn’t distract from its action.

Apple states that it has long championed the environment. From powering all Apple facilities with 100% renewable energy sources to finding new ways to reuse valuable device materials with the disassembly robot Daisy, to its ‘Make, Not Take’ ambition, Apple has prioritized the protection of the planet.

See the work by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

Apple: Don't Mess With Mother

By Apple

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Advertising Apple IPhone

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