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Pemco takes regional approach to insurance advertising with Northwest defender series

While many insurance companies cater to a national audience with their marketing approaches, Pemco insurance, based in Seattle, is focusing on the residents of the country’s left hand corner, pledging allegiance to their specific insurance needs.

With help from Periscope, Pemco is launching its first campaign in a decade, supporting a range of consumer insurance needs, including auto, home, renters, umbrella and boat insurance. The marketing strategy highlights why it matters to have people who understand you in your corner, especially when understanding the needs of Northwesterners.

The anthem spot shows shots of places and people in Washington and Oregon, from the distinct skyline of Seattle to the rugged Oregon coastline and people doing very Northwest things, such as hiking, biking, designing clothing and scootering along a pier, while a commanding voice over states that Pemco pledges allegiance to the people of the Pacific Northwest and all they do.

The spots highlight specific types of insurance, such as auto, where a couple tries to race to their car in a driving rain storm, or home insurance, which plays a typical craftsman home as a ‘wild animal sanctuary’ for a bunch of uniquely playful children. Another video highlights clips of disasters, such as a car driving through a garage door or a flooded garage or a suburban tree being felled into a neighbor’s house.

Other campaign elements include a new website, connected TV, digital video, social media and out-of-home (OOH). For this specific audience, the OOH comes to life through unique placements on messenger bikes, fitness center, elevators, the walkway to stadiums, movie theatres and a colossal wall in Portland, along with a domination of King Street train station in Seattle.

“From skateboard commuters to entrepreneurs to snowboard addicts, the campaign celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of what it means to be a Northwesterner,” said Periscope creative Director Ryan Peck. “Best of all, the work shows how Pemco understands and supports that uniqueness and is the perfect choice to protect it.”

Added MJ Vigil, Pemco’s chief people and brand officer: “Pemco cares deeply about relationships, our people’s success, and making a positive difference in our communities. We have an unwavering allegiance to the Northwest…Northwest people are unique – and we want to celebrate that. Our regional focus is an exciting opportunity; no other insurance company can say they know Northwesterners like we do.”

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