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2018 UK TV ad revenue remains stable at £5.11bn

2018 UK TV ad revenue remains stable at £5.11bn

UK TV advertising revenue has remained stable according to industry body ThinkBox.

In 2018, the UK commercial TV broadcasters accumulated £5.11bn in advertising revenue, matching 2017’s income, according to the research.

It found also the largest investors in the format, chiefly online businesses such as Google, Just Eat, and Trivago who collectively put in more than £760m, up 7% year on year. Amazon alone, which has its own competing VOD TV platform Prime Video, found its spend increase 212% to £60m, making it the third largest spender.

The five biggest spending categories were, according to Nielsen, was online businesses (£760m), food (£534m 3% down), cosmetics and personal care (£437m, 1% up), entertainment and leisure (£380m) and finance (£378m, 18% up).

There were 867 new or returning advertisers on TV in 2018. If the medium is to attract growth in 2019, it may have to swell that number.

Lindsey Clay, Thinkbox chief executive, said: “TV advertising put in a strong performance in 2018 given the challenging economic environment. TV remains the pre-eminent form of advertising, proven to outperform all others. TV is a trusted, high quality environment for brands, and we are seeing signs of money moving back to TV from lower quality online environments which can’t guarantee a safe environment for brands.

“It is a testament to TV’s continuing power to deliver that a company like Amazon, which understands its customers so well, is using TV to power its success.”

It follows on weeks after the Big TV festival where thee commercial TV heads outlined how they are going to work together to pitch to brands.

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