By John Glenday, Reporter

March 18, 2019 | 2 min read

The British Heart Foundation has launched an emotional new campaign starring centred on a young boy who outlines why the organ is so fundamental to our health by reflecting upon his own experiences.

‘Boy’ has been devised by MullenLowe under the tagline of ‘Our research starts with the heart, but it doesn’t stop there’ by communicating the importance of a healthy heart for our blood flow and wider wellbeing.

To help bring these complicated issues to life the campaign includes a glow in the dark poster of the heart and circulatory system, helping to relay fun facts and stats.

Mark Elwood, executive creative director at MullenLowe commented: “The British Heart Foundation do incredible work beyond the expected. The task here was communicating the breadth of this work in an emotionally engaging way. Our actor’s unadulterated charm and effortless performance nails it. It is a privilege to work with such a great client partner on such an important brief.”

Carolan Davidge, director of marketing & engagement at the British Heart Foundation said: “We wanted to bring the wonder and importance of the heart and circulatory system to life in a memorable way. We hope that by using the words and warmth of a child - plus an amazing glow in the dark poster – we’ve done just this.”

Boy is a direct follow-up to MullenLowe’s Beat Heartbreak Forever proposition from last year.

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