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Bing on how search rewards innovation not tradition: The Drum Search Awards 2019

Bing on how search rewards innovation not tradition: The Drum Search Awards 2018

Diversity and inclusion come hand in hand. They are a fundamental part of business growth in attracting new talent, increasing motivation and improving the longevity of companies.

It can be often overlooked in an organisation but there are those out there who are flying the flag for good diversity and inclusion practice. 55% of London is multicultural today and by 2055, a third of England will be as well.

Bing has joined up with The Drum Search Awards to find companies who are passionate about diversity and inclusion. The Diversity and Inclusion Company of the Year award will reward the agency or brand demonstrating the strongest commitment to in these areas, both in the day-to-day, as well as through specific activities and initiatives.

At Microsoft, they have a clear mission, to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. “It’s about helping everyone realise that they are capable of driving impact in society as well as in business,” explained Ravleen Beeston, UK head of sales at Bing.

“We believe we do this best when we reflect everyone on the planet – that includes our people through to our marketing activity.”

“By introducing this category we are excited to give the industry a platform to shine a light on the great work many of our clients, colleagues and partners are already doing, and help others move forward on their diversity and inclusion journey – we are all learning.”

Companies with inclusive cultures that value diversity have consistently reported at least three times higher employee engagement, two times higher intent to stay and three times higher levels of innovation along with better decision-making.

The judging panel will be looking for examples of activities that have promoted the building of diverse teams, creation of inclusive working environments or driving cultures to create marketing/products/services that are inclusive of a diverse audience.

"Search rewards innovation not tradition," Beeston concluded. "Focusing on an inclusive design process enables us and everyone to build services and products for a broader set of customers, and appeal to their unique needs, tapping into a bigger opportunity that may previously been missed."

You can enter the Diversity and Inclusion Company of the Year category now for free. The entry deadline is March 1.

The Drum Search Awards is the award scheme that is looking for the best in search and to shine a light and recognise the best work being produced by the global industry.