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US Creative Work of the Week: Wiz Khalifa and son share Oreo moments

Wiz Khalifa and son eat Oreos in playful campaign

Wiz Khalifa had some fun playing with his son and eating Oreo cookies in a campaign meant to show the Mondelez brand’s playful nature. Apparently, The Drum’s readers thought it was fun, too, as they voted it the US Creative Work of the Week.

According to Oreo, playfulness has always been part of the brand’s DNA, and with the debut of its new 'Stay Playful' campaign, the brand is establishing its playful spirit as the core of all creative communications, inspiring the world to keep the playful spirit alive.

To kick off the campaign in the US and Canada, Oreo partnered with musician Khalifa and his five-year-old son, Sebastian, for the brand’s 'Stay Playful' TV spot. It tells the story of a busy father and his son, who is closely watching and mirroring everything his dad does, ultimately making them realize the importance of taking time to be playful with one another. Khalifa recorded an original song about the importance of staying playful, which serves as the soundtrack for the ad.

Oreo is also releasing Khalifa’s full-length original Oreo song to fans in an unexpected, playful way – via a new, limited edition of the Oreo Music Box. Fans will be able to hear the newest full-length Wiz Khalifa track exclusively on an Oreo cookie.

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