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Oreo: Stay Playful by The Martin Agency

Client: Oreo
Date: Feb 2019
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Playfulness has always been part of the Oreo brand’s DNA, and now with the debut of its new 'Stay Playful' campaign, the brand is outwardly establishing its playful spirit as the core of all creative communications including new TV, digital and social and content partnerships. For over a century, Oreo has been bringing out the playful spirit in the young and old to connect us, and now, at a time we need it the most, the Oreo campaign is inspiring the world to keep the playful spirit alive.

To kick off the campaign in the US and Canada, Oreo partnered with musician Wiz Khalifa and his five-year-old son, Sebastian, for the brand’s newest TV ad. The 'Stay Playful' TV spot tells the story of a busy father and his son who is closely watching and mirroring everything his dad does, ultimately making them realize the importance of taking time to be playful with one another. Khalifa recorded an original song about the importance of staying playful, which serves as the soundtrack for the ad.

'Stay Playful' will debut the 30-second version of the spot during the 2019 Grammy Awards on February 10.

Oreo is also releasing Khalifa’s full-length original Oreo song to fans in an unexpected, playful way – via a new, limited edition of the Oreo Music Box. Fans will be able to hear the newest full-length Wiz Khalifa track exclusively on an Oreo cookie. The Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Box is a miniature record player powered by Oreo cookies. Just place an Oreo cookie on the music box turn-table (like you would a record), slide the record arm into place and a song will play. Oreo will give away a limited run of the boxes on Grammy Sunday. For a chance to win, fans can visit on February 10.


Brand: Oreo (Mondelez)

Client Credits:

Senior Director, OREO Brand Equity Justin Parnell

Associate Director, OREO Brand Equity Julia Nathan

Senior Brand Manager, OREO Brand Equity Madeline Vincent

Senior Brand Manager, OREO Brand Equity Mariama Boamah

Agency Credits:

Chief Executive Officer: Kristen Cavallo

Chief Creative Officer: Karen Costello

Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld

Associate Creative Director: Devin Heatley

Brittany Tooker

Rique Santiago

Executive Producer: Brett Alexander

Content Producer: Maggie Weishaar

Junior Content Producer: Arielle Blais

Business Affairs: Emily Goodman / Alice Isner

Group Account Director: Britta Dougherty

Account Director: Gillian Merrill


Production Company Radical Media

Director Dave Meyers

Director of Photography Scott Cunningham

Executive Producer Jim Bouvet

Line Producer Steve Fredriksz


Editorial Company Mondial

Editor Nick Wurz

Assistant Editor Layne Maloney

Editorial Producer Ash Bruce


Finishing RWS Post

Senior Flame Artist Chris Hagen

Assoc Flame Artist Paul Wiederholt

Senior Producer Katherine Leatherwood Brakman

Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld / Company 3

Color Producer: Gabriel Wakeman / Company 3

Remote Color Facility: RWS Post


Audio Post Facility Rainmaker

Producer Clinton Spell

Sound Designer and Mixer Jeff McManus


Original Music Arrangement Tiny Lion

Composition English Major

Vocals Wiz Khalifa, Atlantic Records