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Sarah Jessica Parker reprises Carrie Bradshaw role in Stella ‘Pour it Forward’ ad

We may not see the Sex and the City gals together again, but Carrie Bradshaw has returned briefly to help promote Stella Artois and’s ‘Pour it Forward’ campaign. co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White are rallying Americas to join the movement by choosing Stella Artois to help end the global water crisis. They are challenging some famous friends to spread the word, starting with Sarah Jessica Parker. ‘Pour it Forward’ is Stella Artois’ take on the goodwill ‘Pay it Forward’ trend, where enjoying a Stella Artois triggers a donation to to help provide access to clean water for someone living without it.

Parker pays homage to her long-running role of Bradshaw to underscore that the simple act of changing your usual beverage to a Stella Artois can help make an impact. In a fun spin on the Sex and the City opening bus scene, we see what might happen if Carrie – in Manolos, a gauzy skirt and gold jacket – were to change up her usual drink of choice, a cosmopolitan, in favor of a Stella Artois. The spot was created by Mother New York.

“Enjoying Stella Artois helps provide access to clean water for someone in need,” said Parker. “If Carrie was made aware of this important and fantastic partnership and initiative, I'm sure she wouldn't waste a beat putting down her cosmo and opting for a Stella, and I know that she would encourage all of her friends and audience to do the same.”

Stella Artois and are also debuting a new video featuring Damon, who shares how simple it is to help change someone’s life. A beer is slowly poured into a Stella Artois chalice, triggering adjacent images of taps turning on in the developing world to represent the impact this small action can have around the globe.

“Through our partnership with Stella Artois we have already helped change millions of lives, and we have the opportunity to change millions more,” said Damon. “That’s why we’re asking people to ‘Pour it Forward’ and help give access to clean water... simply by enjoying a Stella Artois.”

For a limited time, every six-pack sold gives access to six months of clean water for one person in the developing world. Every twelve-pack sold gives access to 12 months of clean water, and every pour (or bottle) sold at bars and restaurants gives access to one month of clean water for one person in the developing world.

Since 2015, Stella Artois has helped provide more than 1.7 million people in the developing world with access to clean water, but the efforts are just ramping up.

“This is just the beginning for ‘Pour it Forward’ as we launch the program in a big way,” said Lara Krug, vice president, Stella Artois. “Sarah Jessica Parker is the first, but we’ll be recruiting other familiar faces to help spark a movement of people choosing Stella Artois in order to help make a difference.”

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