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Dove Chocolate uses two-pronged ‘bold’ campaign to boost Valentine’s Day sales

Dove Chocolate is bringing chocolate back to the top of the Valentine’s gift giving world with two separate campaigns, the brand’s biggest advertising effort in recent years. The two-pronged effort introduces a new line of Dove Chocolate Bars and shoppers for Valentine’s Day, the brand’s biggest sales moment of the year.

In the first effort from BBDO NY, Dove Chocolate celebrates the bold, unapologetic, pleasure-seeking woman of today, or, as the ads say, “The chocolate bar for the bold of us.”

One ad finds three men, each talking to a florist trying to find the perfect bouquet for the woman they just met. Each explains how perfect the woman is, and at the end, when the separate florists ask what the woman’s name is, the camera pans back to reveal all the men are in the same floral shop as they say in unison, “Daisy.” Cut to opportunistic Daisy in her home, eating a Dove Chocolate bar surrounded by flowers.

In ‘Soulmates’ a man plays with a child in a park and happens upon a woman with a puppy, whom he tries to slyly hit on. She spots his friend in the distance and realizes the man is using the kid to try to pick her up. As they walk away together, with her eating a Dove Chocolate bar, she is seen returning her secret weapon, the dog, to its rightful owner, a bold move, according to the ad’s tag.

The digital Valentine’s Day campaign also embraces the spirit of boldness, showing women what Valentine’s Day looks like when they don’t wait for anyone else to celebrate the day.

In two spots, a woman is in the Valentine’s aisle of a store. A voice over states, “Every time a woman buys her own chocolate on Valentine’s Day, she sets a teddy bear free to follow its heart”.

In one spot, the darling teddy bear is seen playing piano in a jazz club. In another, teddy is painting a nature landscape.

The campaign continues the conversation on social media with the #SetTeddyFree hashtag.

Work to support the brand’s line of new flavors will continue throughout the year. It includes TV, digital and print.

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