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Dove Chocolate film features a woman who lives each day with no regrets

A woman packs a lifetime of adventure into 24 hours in an ad for Dove Chocolate that encourages consumers to live life to the fullest.

Created by BBDO New York and featuring Edith Piaf’s song ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (No, I Regret Nothing),’ the whimsical one-minute film follows the woman as she lives her entire life throughout the span of one day.

In the beginning, she is shown as a young girl hopping out of bed and throwing on an oversized blue dress before heading downstairs. By the time she heads out the door, she’s blossomed into a teenage girl, skateboarding through the streets towards a café and stopping only once so she can draw a smiley face on the window of a car.

By the time she enters the café to meet up with her friends, she has reached her adult years. After laughing with some friends while snacking on Dove chocolates, she attends a protest, kisses a stranger and walks across a railing while a man beckons her to get down.

At the end of the film, once she has reached old age, she heads home on a trolley – still clad in the same blue dress – and enjoys some Dove chocolates before heading to sleep. The film ends with the message, ‘Live Each Day As If It’s The Only One.’

According to the brand, the spot was created to “empower fans to enjoy every moment of life with no regrets – even a moment as small as biting into a piece of silky smooth Dove Chocolate.” The ad is running on TV and on the brand’s social channels.

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