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Burberry follows in the footsteps of D&G by offending Chinese social media users

Burberry's Chinese Lunar New Year campaign

Burberry is the latest brand to come under fire from China’s netizens for releasing a campaign that missed the mark culturally.

The brand released a set of photographs, aiming to promote its wares ahead of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year. The ad featured Chinese models, as well as Vicky Zhao and Zhou Dongyu, two Chinese actresses that have recently been named as ambassadors, according to Jing Daily.

Reports point to a range of criticisms from consumers, including that the ads look like a scene from a horror movie. Others think it shows a plot to kill the family matriarch for her money, while others believe a stern, depressed theme signifies a slowdown of the Chinese economy.

The ads were photographed by Ethan James Green, who is well known for his successful luxury shoots.

Burberry has not quite summoned the vitriol leveled at D&G, after the brand released ad an that was deemed racist by the Chinese public. The response to the D&G scandal was huge, with Chinese consumers boycotting the brand, creating a significant financial impact on the luxury brand.

The overall response to Burberry has not been around racism, but instead that the company has missed the mark on the cultural references and instead released an ad that is ‘creepy’.

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