Everything you need to know: Programmatic 2.0 The value of the middle path

In the final episode managing director EMEA, The Trade Desk, Sacha Berlik discusses how advertisers can tap into the expertise of agencies and platforms to get the most value out of a complex digital media eco system.

Agencies offer certain specialisms and skills that can be costly for advertisers to take in-house. “While advertisers need to build up their knowledge, data and technology as well,” explains Balik “they also need to tee up with agencies and their partners to tap into their DSPs and their strengths.”

By taking the middle path and fusing these strengths, advertisers can assemble a plan that is creative and efficient, positioning them well in a more competitive market.

“With more clarity and data, everyone wins,” says Berlik. “At the same time advertisers can continually lean on their agency for digital strategy and execution, as they become more immersed in programmatic buying.

“a DSP partner, can help you activate your first party data to help you find new customers and retain current customers much more effectively.”

This concludes ‘Everything you need to know about programmatic’ series.

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