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Amobee partners with Oracle Data Cloud to activate third-party data across programmatic, social

Amobee and Oracle Data Cloud expand partnership / Amobee

Amobee announced Wednesday (28 November) that it's expanding its collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud to activate third-party data across programmatic and social media platforms.

The partnership aims to streamline cross-channel planning decisions and reduce wasted spend by giving marketers access to Oracle's offline purchase-based transaction data sets.

Amobee vice president of social sales and partnerships Johnny Horgan said the expanded partnership will allow brands to deliver consistent, measured messaging to their customers.

"Amobee is bridging programmatic and social channels by giving advertisers visibility across the walled gardens and allowing them to efficiently control their cross-channel audience strategy while maintaining full privacy compliance," said Horgan.

Hill City, Gap's new premium men's active wear line, is an early adopter.

The clothing line's head of growth, Kayla Glanville, said the brand is focusing on building data-driven, digital-led campaigns to deliver personalized experiences.

"Hill City leverages Amobee’s collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud to connect the dots between two of the largest customer touchpoints: social and programmatic. This agreement helps us make informed, resonant marketing decisions that benefit our community and our business," said Glanville.

Amobee's AI-driven platform unifies programmatic channels and social media platforms to provide agencies and brands with data management and media planning abilities.

Patrick Jones, global vice president and general manager of partnerships at Oracle Data Cloud, said the collaboration will help marketers reach audiences in new ways.

"Our agreement with Amobee is one of the first to allow for tailored activation of the highest quality segments across digital. By optimizing the use of third-party data, marketers can more effectively reach their target customers and improve performance," said Jones.

Earlier this year, Amobee won video advertising platform Videology in a bankruptcy auction.