Brand activation lessons retailers can learn from FMCG

Transforming customer conversations: Williams Lea Tag whitepaper

The retail sector is changing at breakneck speed – with the decline of the local high street, the unstoppable rise of e-commerce and increasingly technology-enabled customers, retailers are having to work harder than ever to win spend and loyalty from shoppers. Against this backdrop, how retailers market to their customers has pivoted significantly in recent years.

But with so many different marketing channels and platforms to utilise, and new tech advancements happening daily, how do retailers decide which avenues to focus on? And how can businesses keep a cohesive brand message when communicating with customers across multiple touchpoints and countries?

Williams Lea Tag (WLT), the leading independent marketing partner trusted by 40 of the top 100 global brands worldwide to turn creative ideas into reality, conducted research to answer some of these questions. Research from WLT, in association with Retail Week, reveals 48% of UK retailers are concerned about competing with FMCG brands and regard them as a threat.

Utilising feedback from 50 senior retail marketers and case studies from across the world, this whitepaper uncovers what retailers can learn from their FMCG rivals when it comes to agile and authentic marketing.

  • The rise of challenger brands
  • Influencer marketing tactics
  • Brand activation
  • Social and tech trends

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