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Report reveals the UK’s blossoming relationship with voice assistants

Only 5% of the users surveyed found their voice assistant effective at executing commands every time.

A newly-published report has revealed how the UK is interacting with voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri and the extent to which these devices are becoming part of our everyday lives.

Based on a survey of thousands of social media users conducted by Zazzle Media over the summer, the report sheds light on current usage habits and hints at how voice assistant interaction may progress the future.

The survey revealed that the majority (54%) of voice assistants owners use their voice assistants every day. However, many users still have issues with their assistants executing commands effectively, with only 5% of the users surveyed found their voice assistant effective at executing commands every time.

The report also revealed that stationary assistants, like Alexa and Google Home, are most likely to be kept in the kitchen (38%) and living room (36%), while device-based assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Bixby, are used in the car (38%) and the kitchen (22%).

Managing director of Zazzle Media, Simon Penson, said: “With the car being the most popular usage space for device-based users, it’s no surprise to see that many car manufacturers include voice assistants as standard on new models. Similarly, companies with interests in the kitchen and living room space could face a big opportunity with voice search in future.

“The integration of voice assistants into our lives represents a massive opportunity for those in the search community, with early adopters having the chance to reap potentially massive rewards from the sector. This report provides insight into the what’s, where’s and why’s of people using these devices, giving marketers the opportunity to understand more about how they can utilise this new technology to their advantage.”

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Alexa still reigns as queen of the voice assistants, with 56% of responders owning the Amazon device;
  • No respondents said they would shop for higher value items (over £50) using voice search;
  • More than half (55%,) of respondents speak to Alexa in a more formal tone;
  • The most popular commands to voice assistants are music based, e.g. asking the device to play certain tracks.

The full report is available to download for free.

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