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Ads We Like: Zalando’s multigenerational choir makes for the cosiest Christmas ad yet

Zalando, the Berlin-based ecommerce platform, has proven the classic Christmas traditions can still pull on the heartstrings with a multigenerational choir performing a multilingual rendition of Silent Night (or Stille Nacht, to be precise).

Its Christmas 2018 ad begins with a baby, who, we are told, is celebrating his or her first Christmas. The camera then pans to a choir, who are led by a 15-year-old girl singing the first line of Franz Gruber’s carol in German.

An older teenager sings the second line in English and a 23-year-old takes the third in French. The camera continues to pan as the soloists taking each line of the song get older and older in age, ending with the 106-year-old Harry Fransman belting out "sleep in heavenly peace".

The first Zalando film from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam aims to show that no matter what your age, Christmas never goes out of fashion. The majority of the 100 performers were either street cast or plucked from community choirs and singing groups from across Europe.

Jake Nava, the film’s director, said he wanted the viewer to feel as if they were “a participant in a kind of experiential, alternative show, more than watching another Christmas TV commercial”.

“Using this approach, I wanted to draw the audience into the emotional landscape of the performers, with as little obstacles to that as possible, but in a style which was still engaging to watch from beginning to end,” he said.

The campaign will go live across more than 14 European countries, including the UK, Germany and Italy. It comprises TV, digital, print and out-of-home.

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