Ads We Like: ‘We weren’t the only ugly ones in the 90s’ contends Skoda in self-effacing throwback

A montage of acne, bum bags, mullets and terrible, terrible eyewear is SkodaFrance’s genius comeback to those who still reference the ugliness of its 90s car designs; you were probably pretty ugly then too, the auto brand contends.

Created by the comic minds of French shop Rosapark, the spot’s use of video distortion and saturation take viewers back to an era of tie-die, hammer pants and nausea-inducing home camera angles.

The film argues that the 90s was an era of aesthetic ugliness, and while Skoda’s designs were questionable at the time, they have matured just like anyone who once coated their hair in too much gel.

The unique and self-deprecating nature of the ad aims to strengthen the brand’s position as a ‘game-changer’ in a French market saturated with typical auto creative.

‘Moche Dans Les 90s’ (‘Ugly in the 90s’) will go live today (29 August) across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, Twitter users will be able to send a photo of themselves or their friends to Skoda and be presented with a 90s-fied profile picture.

It's not the first time a French agency has paid homage to the 90s this summer: 84.Paris spoofed the decade's early hip-hop videos for Greenpeace back in July.

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