Brinks Home Security reminds customers they can never be sure enough in new spot

Brinks Home Security dryly takes on much of the things people were "sure" about in new spot / Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security has released its first spot from agency partner Barton F Graf: a dry, pale, but comically casual commercial called 'Be Sure Sure.'

The spot takes viewers through the droning of ambivalent homeowners shows, from a woman next to her retriever who she “was sure was a good guard dog”, to a cosplayers who stands at a bus stop “sure that cloaks will come back in season”.

As the spot flips through the scenarios, which includes a spoof cartoon criminal reveal styled like a Hanna-Barbara cartoon, the viewer doesn’t realize that these are all thematically tied to a home security brand until met by an office employee, dryly sipping coffee and staring at a video on his phone.

“I’m sure that I locked the door,” he stares blankly as a burglar scouts his living room interior, then breathing a sigh of relief when the police cars arrive.

The spot will appear as 60 and 30-second spots, with 6 and 15-second cut-downs for social. Barton F Graf also assisted the home security brand with strategic and creative efforts, development of brand positioning for the new campaign, designing the new visual identity system, and the customer experience.

Of the opportunity to help the Brinks Home Security address issues above and below the line, Barton founder and chief creative Gerry Graf said: “Customer behavior is changing and brands are being held to new standards. Getting to know Brinks Home Security, we saw their dedication to the highest caliber of protection. To earn consumer’s trust, it takes more than saying it. It takes action.

“‘Be Sure Sure’ demonstrates the brand’s humanized approach to proving day in and day out it’s commitment to protecting your home.”

Anthony Conversa, chief marketer of Brinks Home Security considered ‘Be Sure Sure’ not just tagline, but a voice and behavior for our brand, demonstrating our dedication to always protecting our customers.

“Barton F. Graf strategically and insightfully helped us rethink how we are reaching consumers at every touch point, from advertising to building customer relationships, unlocking the true potential of our brand.”

This is one of the first campaigns launched by the independent agency since hiring Caroline Winterton as its new chief executive in May, and adding Savanah Brihn and Sara Kastner as chief strategy officer and chief operating officer, respectively.

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