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Bruised and battered martial artist steals a brief battle respite in Audi's Escape


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

August 17, 2018 | 3 min read

In action movies, it is common to see the car deliver the lead characters from evil as they try to escape a formidable foe. Audi has taken this concept and redefined what an ‘Escape’ actually is with the release of a high-octane martial arts bash.

Audi Escape, the first film of Audi's new campaign

BBH London developed a minute-long (also extended at 90 seconds) movie that was shot in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thing (2011) director, Matthijs Van Heijnigen, branded the ad a “visual spectacle”.

It saw a team of martial artists fight off an intimidating gang in a dingy bar. They looked to be successful in their efforts until a giant slab of a man imposed himself upon the battle and routed the protagonists. One warrior took refuge in an Audi A8, where he is treated to the benefits of a luxury interior, complete with a glass of bubbly and foot massage.

Explosions and carnage ensued in the background while he relaxed. After a painfully long time, his ‘Escape’ concluded. He was caught out by his ally whose face was being crushed into the windscreen by the burly henchman.

Benjamin Braun, marketing director of Audi UK, said Escape is the first of three major campaigns to come out for the brand in the next three months.

“In true Audi style, it tells a story. This time the narrative is about our seriously luxurious technology. No matter how chaotic the outside world, Audi cars provide an ‘escape’. Our technology keeps you safe and supremely comfortable. The A8 can include widescreen TVs, 23 loudspeakers, a fridge and even a foot massage for passengers in the back.”

Ian Heartfield, executive creative director of BBH London, added: "The film focuses on the technology story from inside an Audi, with the help of two martial-arts gangs and the voice of Lionel Ritchie.”

The campaign was released 16 August. PHD has also booked in the cinematic film for cinemas and VOD.

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