Ads We Like: milk cartons are swapped for a modern day alternative for Missing Person Week

Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) has taken a traditional form of seeking information around missing persons and given it a modern twist, placing stories about missing people on biodegradable coffee cups.

The campaign, by WhiteGREY in Australia, uses the cups to tell the stories of six missing people and will be placed across cafes in Melbourne, a city famed for its coffee culture.

The idea is to update a tried and tested format, replacing the black and white images that is associated with missing people notices and adding more colour, to depict the human stories behind them.

MPAN CEO, Loren O’Keeffe, said: “The Unmissable campaign replaces stark, grainy missing persons photos with human reflections and stories.”

According to the release, almost 38,000 Australians go missing each year and Missing Person Week aims to give light to this, as well as specifically looking at the work that MPAN does.

Emily White, manager of Richmond’s Pillar of Salt Café, said: “MPAN is a tiny charity supporting the families and friends of missing people, many of whom are searching for their loved ones through the worst kind of grief, ambiguous loss. It’s a unique type of trauma I have personal experience with. We need to raise the profile of this issue. What better way to reach Melburnians than through their daily coffee and art?”

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