By Bennett Bennett, Staff writer

August 2, 2018 | 2 min read

As part of Sonos’ IPO, the company worked with Nasdaq to redesign the stock exchange’s opening bell tone.

The audio device manufacturer put together a documentary to recap the process behind what now looks to be a fixture for the second largest stock exchange in the world.

Chris Jenkins, a Grammy award-winning composer and Sonos Board member said of the process: “We thought we should try to wrap some soul into it.”

Jenkins and team dabbled with a few instruments and chords before his dog gave him his Eureka moment — the canine had been yelping at a Tibetian bowl that was being struck nearby. He and team took to getting the layers of sound right, using drumsticks, wrenches, chains, and mallets to get the right cadence out.

Over 100 different sounds were meshed together to make the experience, including the ending: the sound of a spinning coin, suggested by the company’s head of sound experience, Giles Martin.

Nasdaq’s reimagined sound joins the plethora of brands and organizations that have taken advantage of the rise of sound in marketing to enhance their identities. The Drum, which recently moved into the Times Square neighborhood of the stock exchange had also taken a crack at a sonic rebrand to go with its full-out brand refresh.

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