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BBC narrows gender pay gap by almost a fifth in one year

The BBC is reporting progress made in its quest to close an embarrassing gender pay gap within the organisation, having narrowed the salary divide between men and women by close to a fifth over the past year.

An updated gender pay gap report spanning 2017/18 reports a fall in the median gap from 9.3 to 7.6% while the mean differential is also down, falling from 10.7 to 8.4% courtesy of an ongoing process of ‘repositioning’ staff within their pay ranges and a simplified job ‘framework’.

Further progress was achieved courtesy of a merger between BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide.

Tony Hall, BBC director-general, said: “The BBC must do everything it can to ensure that everyone working for it can fulfil their potential. Today’s report will help us to achieve that.

“Closing the gender pay gap is a priority for the BBC. We must lead the way. Today’s figures show we are making good progress, but we are not there yet and that is why we will keep pressing to deliver change.”

Donalda MacKinnon, director of BBC Scotland, said: “It’s clear that we have an opportunity like no other to achieve the workplace culture we all desire. This report sets out a true reflection of everything we’ve heard from those who’ve contributed to the work, and we commit to taking forward the recommendations that will bring a step-change in gender equality at the BBC.”

The BBC has set itself an ambitious target of attaining pay parity by 2020, as well as an equal gender split in leadership roles. Women in managerial positions currently stand at 43.3%, up from 42.1% last year.