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What 'your mama' can teach you about your marketing


By Paul Wright, iAd director, EMEIA and APAC

June 27, 2018 | 5 min read

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״Your Mama״ jokes have been around for decades, providing people young and old with endless entertainment, giving them less than appropriate jokes that never fail to produce a chuckle.

AppsFlyer- "your mama"

Your mama and marketing

But let’s be honest, you didn’t come here just to read jokes - or maybe you did? MAMA also stands for something very different in our world, and Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics (MAMA) is now one of the most important parts of a marketing strategy. At AppsFlyer, we host MAMA events every year, in exclusive locations around the globe. This year we’re hitting Tobacco Docks in London for a day of insights, networking and fun, with a host of global thought leaders taking the stage to share their vision on the future of all things mobile.

So in the interest of having a little fun while I share my thoughts about this important topic, here are a few quips for your lunch hour amusement:

“Your mama is so dumb, she won't play Candy Crush ‘cause she’s cutting out sugar”

Mobile gaming has become a huge part of consumer interactions with their devices, and app user acquisition and retention is important for every marketer. It’s about creating an experience that means consumers return time and time again to engage with your business and brand. This repeat behaviour gives your users a quantifiable value. It’s not just about acquisition, but how you continuously attract users and turn them into loyal customers.

In mobile gaming we have seen a number of major acquisitions and investments, even in the last month. Zinga recently purchased London-based GramGames for a huge $250 million, and Voodoo games has just received a $200 million investment from Goldman Sachs. At the MAMA London event, Kirk Lepke, Growth Investor at Goldman Sachs will be discussing the trends around investing in mobile across the UK and Europe. You’ll also hear from the likes of Ubisoft and Huuuge Games.

“Your mama is so daft that she deleted the cookies on her computer because she wanted to lose weight”

Using cookies is a thing of the past, as desktop hours have decreased significantly over the past few years. Consumers are using their mobile devices more and more, and this is the touchpoint that brands need to be able to understand, allowing them to predict consumer behaviour not only on mobile, but also in app.

GDPR has made things more complicated and some businesses are already struggling to adapt. But, there are also a huge amount of opportunities following this legislation.

At MAMA London, mobile-first brands like Treatwell will be discussing the impact of GDPR so far, while highlighting some of the challenges that have needed addressing throughout the process of becoming GDPR compliant.

“Your mama’s so gullible she believed that KFC was an English Football Club”

Sports, big data and analytics is a fascinating combination, with many similarities between the way sports teams and modern businesses are operating in order to gain a competitive advantage. Formula One was one of the first sports to embrace data-driven strategies, where statistical analysis and other tactics are widely used to monitor every factor of a race -- including what is going on in other cars, when tires should be changed and when engine power should be increased or decreased.

In more recent years, football teams have started to adopt a similar method. Like marketers, a new generation of sport executives are looking at thousands of data points and predictive models to inform decisions within the team, from player evaluation to on-field tactics. In turn, this has turned into an opportunity for clubs who are employing technical scouts and analysts to help them make major decisions, including identifying whether certain characteristics are strengths or weaknesses, and assessing the real value of players.

Following Moneyball star Billy Beane’s appearance at our MAMA event in California last year, West Ham’s Rory Campbell will be joining MAMA London and sharing how modern sports executives -- like marketers -- need to be analytical and data-driven in order to drive performance, and how a new generation is enabling competitive gains to be made on the pitch and in the field.

All of the above will feature at the MAMA London event in July, along with a host of other leaders in marketing and mobile that will partake in interactive discussions on the challenges and opportunities of this fascinating industry. We’ve curated a line-up of thought leaders and practitioners across various industries -- from gaming developers to retail brands, publishers to investors -- who will share a variety of unique viewpoints and experiences that are shaping the future of the mobile and marketing ecosystem in the UK and beyond.

To find out more about the event and apply to attend, please visit the link here. We hope to see you on the 4th July!

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