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Brandz study emphasises importance of disruption, creativity and advertising


By John Glenday | Reporter

June 18, 2018 | 3 min read

The latest Brandz research has quantified the links between disruption, creativity and quality advertising by calculating that the combined influence of these qualities can boost brand value by 265%.


Brandz study emphasises the importance of disruption, creativity & advertising

Basing its findings on its own database of 3.6m consumer interviews comparing consumer opinions of 122,000 brands across 51 markets over the past 12 years the BrandZ study found that the cumulative effect of all three elements was greater than the combined individual impact of each, highlighting the importance of a balanced and well-rounded marketing.

Key findings include the fact that brands consumers perceive as creative but not disruptive saw their brand value jump 69% while those regarded as being purely disruptive did nearly twice as well, jumping to 123%.

Those brands able to juggle two criteria performed significantly better, with businesses which mastered both creativity and disruption generating brand value growth of 154%.

Doreen Wang, global head of BrandZ at Kantar Millward Brown commented: “What matters most is the consumer’s perception of your offering. If you are disruptively creative but it isn’t felt by the consumer then that effort is worthless. But if they feel it, and it is supported by great advertising then you can supercharge your brand’s growth. It is no surprise that the fastest risers and newcomers in our annual BrandZ ranking of the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands are seen by consumers as highly creatively disruptive.”

Companies which have successfully mastered the art of ‘disruptive creativity’ include Tesla, Netflix,, Tencent, Maotai – all of which have been among the five fastest risers in the BrandZ Global Top 100.

Marketing Brandz News

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