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By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

June 15, 2018 | 3 min read

The spot seems simple – shots of people using their MacBook computers. But the emotions behind the eyes tell the deeper story – that people love their Macs, even if sometimes they get frustrated.

A new spot for Apple’s laptops views people working on their Macs, making art, music, poetry or whatever they do. We never actually see the screen, just the iconic Apple logo on the top of the laptops, and the users’ responses, from frustration to joy.

In 1984, the introduction of the Macintosh revolutionized the computer industry. Made for the “normal person on the street” as opposed to a computer expert, the Mac quickly became the computer of choice for creative minds who wanted to challenge the status quo. More than two decades later, Mac users from around the world continue to push the boundaries of creativity.

Showcasing how technology plus passion can be the bridge to new thinking, new inventions and new problem solving, Apple’s ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign shines a light on the next generation of visionaries doing extraordinary things behind their Mac. The campaign shares 12 real stories of individuals, like Peter Kariuki, an entrepreneur who created an app that is making the roads in Rwanda safer; music artist Grimes who creates her album artwork and is the sole writer and producer on her albums; and Bruce Hall, an accomplished photographer who has a permanent collection in the Library of Congress and is legally blind. As creativity and technology continue to evolve, the campaign sheds light on new ways Mac users can change the world.

By highlighting the inspiring stories of real people, the ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign seeks to empower everyday Mac users to start pursuing their passions – challenging us all to make something wonderful.

The hero video doesn’t name any of the people, giving an every-person vibe to the spot. The soundtrack of the rickety-simple piano tune The Story of an Artist by Daniel Johnston, lends a maker attitude to the spot.

An out of home campaign extends the 'Behind the Mac' work. The campaign showcases 12 creators from around the globe including coders, photographers, and musicians all at work behind their Macs. The campaign elevates a familiar image seen everyday in cafes, college campuses and creative workspaces as an iconic symbol of creativity.

See the individual films on Apple's dedicated web page and view the out of home installations by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

Apple: Behind the Mac

By Apple

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