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Brave Bison and Unruly join forces to take data-driven creative campaigns to the next level

Brave Bison and Unruly are collaborating to create data-driven creative campaigns for their clients.

The partnership will see Unruly provide the data, insights and distribution, while Brave Bison will provide the creative ideation and production, as well as access to its influencer network.

Both companies announced the partnership on stage at Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo, Japan, where they said it was only natural that they work together as they have worked separately on the same campaigns for clients like ANA, Shell and Proctor and Gamble in Asia Pacific.

In addition, both businesses have the same end-to-end strategic approach to social video and offer complementary elements of this approach, as well as ensuring data and creativity are acting as one to enable the brand messages to be communicated effectively.

“Unruly has been pioneering the power of social video since our inception back in 2006, advocating brand storytelling which users choose to watch and share,” said Phil Townend, chief commercial officer for APAC at Unruly.

“Brave Bison embody this spirit of creativity, and craft powerful, emotive videos which are proven to drive results for big blue chip brand partners. Now advertisers have a trusted end to end solution which combines best in class creativity, programmatic activation and measurement as they seek to reconnect with consumers at a human level.”