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Knorr cooks up AI tool to splice Instagram memories into meals

Knorr cooks up AI tool to splice memories into meals

Food and beverage brand Knorr is looking to tantalise the tastebuds of both foodies and techies with the launch of an AI tool which it claims is capable of transforming your own memories into meals.

Eat Your Feed serves up a plate of silicon by scanning subscribers' Instagram feeds for data which can be matched to Knorr’s recipe database to cook up personalised meals derived from their own individual experiences.

Harnessing visual recognition to work its magic, the novel chef was served up by digital creative agency AnalogFolk which has worked with Knorr to bring more exotic flavours into the kitchen.

As a taster of the algorithm's prowess, Knorr cites a snowboarding event in the Italian Alps which its software linked to a One Pot Mushroom Ragout with Fusilli and Spinach, ostensibly owing to its ‘cardio-boosting’ properties.

Philippa Atkinson, senior brand manager at Knorr UK & Ireland, explained: “We’re excited to be the first Instagram inspired recipe solution – using our consumers’ own posts to prompt recipes with real value and relevance we know they’ll love, as well as a reminder of the great adventures they've had in the past.”

To support this work Knorr will launch the world’s first Instagram-powered restaurant at Jones & Sons on 11 April which will bin traditional menus in order to serve up meals based solely on Instagram posts.

The initiative forms part of Knorr's pivot to flavour and foodiness over simply chasing demographics.

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