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Advertising Week Europe banishes single-use plastic in support of Trash Isles campaign

Advertising Week Europe banishes single-use plastic

Advertising Week Europe is throwing its weight behind an environmental campaign by LADbible group by banning single-use plastics from its event next week.

Instead of drinking water from plastic bottles delegates at the London gathering will be invited to use complimentary Trash Isles resealable cans. Produced by CanO Water, the simple tins are being positioned as a sustainable alternative to plastic and can be topped up at refill stations positioned around the venue.

Growing awareness of the damage caused to our ocean and seas by the build-up of plastic waste has sparked growing calls from brands, agencies and the public at large for businesses to tackle the issue.

Arian Kalantari, LADbible Group's co-founder, said: “Plastic pollution is the biggest environmental issue of our time and one that our millennial audience care passionately about. We are proud to be partnering with Advertising Week to bring the Trash Isles to the event and hope it opens up a debate within the industry to help find real life solutions to the problem of single-use plastics.”

LADBible will open this year’s bash on 19 March with a headline event featuring Sky Ocean Rescue and Project 0 which will explore what role the creative industries have to play in raising awareness of the issue.

Supermarkets have found themselves on the frontline of newfound consumer awareness with one Dutch chain going so far as to create a plastics-free aisle.

The Drum team will be out in force at Advertising Week, where we are opening the doors of our own pub, The Drum and The Sun Arms.

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