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The Drum and The Sun Arms 2018: Karaoke, creative lunch & more


By Ayesha Salim, Content Lead

March 8, 2018 | 11 min read

Fancy a pint in a London boozer while debating the latest advertising controversy? Or perhaps you would prefer to belt out your favourite Taylor Swift song? The Drum has teamed up with The Sun to get your juices flowing, and is hosting a ton of fun activities in its own pub – a world away from your everyday corporate events.

The Drum and The Sun Arms

The Drum and The Sun Arms

The week of fun and booze-filled activities, beginning on March 19, will feature the greatest creative names going up against each other in creative brief clashes; Poke’s brilliant lectures; fiery debates, and of course, plenty of karaoke.

Places are limited so don’t miss out by registering here. To secure your place for a specific event, here is a rundown of the week:

The Power of Amazon | Monday 19 March | 10am - 11am

The Drum and The Sun have joined forces to open a pub, near Advertising Week, and we would love to invite you along to our very first panel session.

It will mark the launch of The Drum’s latest magazine which is dedicated to the amazing phenomenon which is Amazon. Contributor, writers and editors will be on hand to discuss how Amazon is changing business models and has the potential to transform the physical world as well as the virtual.

How Amazon is impacting on high streets, brand packaging and consumer habits will all be reviewed and you will also be able to ask questions and pick up a copy of the magazine, which is effectively an in-depth report on the company.

Subscribers to The Drum have priority access to this event and you can apply for a ticket here.

The Drum Network lunch: Revamping the charity sector | Monday 19th March | 12pm - 1pm

Join us as agency experts explore the Oxfam scandal and explain how marketing should be used to rectify the charity.

The panel will deliberate if this faux pas will have a domino effect on the industry and how the charity sector can recover, offering expert advice on the important techniques that were laid out in the charity issue of The Drum Network magazine. From short-term guilt trips to effective marketing, the panel will cover why charities haven’t evolved with other industries and how to bring them to life for the modern generation. Can the charity sector can be salvaged before it is too late?

Sign up here.

GD 'Pie' R Panel | 19th March | 3pm - 4pm

Ready, set, go

Come and have pies, mash & chips with us as you learn about the implications of the upcoming data legislation.

Less than 10 weeks to GDPR — are we in for a marketing world that is full of change, full of disruption, and full of the unexpected?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation becomes a reality on 25 May 2018. Our lively panel of experts will look at how our industry is navigating this minefield. And how GDPR could give the impetus to the ad tech sector to really reinvent itself.

Sign up here.

An exploration of World Cup 2018: The Russia situation panel | Monday 19th March | 5pm - 6pm

The Drum explore how brands can activate during the World Cup 2018 - Russia in both an official and unofficial capacity.

With Russia also being a rather volatile market to operate in, there will be plenty to be wary of, and opportunities to grasp.

Speakers include: John Parker, Board Director, Head of Sport, M&C Saatchi S&E, Joanne Warnes, COO of Cake (Havas Sport & Entertainment), Joel Seymour Hyde Head of UK Octagon.

Sign up here.

Are we regulating creativity out of marketing? | Tuesday 20th March | 10am - 11am

Discount retailer Aldi found itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) earlier this year following one viewer’s complaint that its ad featuring Kevin the Carrot was promoting alcohol to kids.

Aldi’s response: the ad was completely in line with scheduling restrictions. But is that enough? And was the ad even that irresponsible in the first place?

In a mock-trial format, our panel debate will put Kevin back in the dock. 'Judge John', will oversee the proceedings and make his final ruling live.

Register here.

The Sun's Editors Lunch | Tuesday 20th March | 12pm - 2pm

This lunchtime session, featuring senior editorial from The Sun, will discuss the role of an iconic news brand in 2018.

Join the title’s editors for lunch to hear the story of how The Sun continues to rise. A series of talks will be presented in between each course of lunch. (By invitation only)

Poke Lecture Happy Hour | Tuesday 20th March | 3pm - 5pm

Poke Brilliant Lectures provides an antidote to the serious industry panels during Advertising Week Europe. The event will be hosted by the the co-founder and chief executive of Poke and Publicis London chief executive, Nick Farnhill. He promises to bring his fiery passion to this remarkable event once more.

Come along to be inspired by the extraordinary opportunities that can be found in the most ordinary of places.

Register here.

Karaoke like Pitch Perfect | Tuesday 20th March | 6pm - 9pm

How long has it been since you exercised those vocal chords? Will you be belting out some Islands in the Stream? Or is Shania Twain more your jam?

Come to The Drum and The Sun Arms on Tuesday night to let it all out. It’s time to let it go, let it go.

Register here.

Fireside Chat with Mary Portas | Wednesday 21st March | 9am - 9:45am

The Drum invites you to an exclusive fireside chat with the ‘Queen of Shops’ Mary Portas

Not just AR. Not just robots. The retail guru will talk future trends and the state of innovation in retail.

For a chance to join us at this private event, please sign up here.

Winning is just the beginning | Wednesday 21st March | 10am - 11am

Awards are a fantastic way of ensuring you get the recognition you deserve and the industry as a whole is inspired to strive for ever higher standards. We have drawn together an amazing panel to share how winning awards help them in win new business - and even win in life! Join us for breakfast on Wednesday.

With this event, you can't lose.

Register here.

What does good mobile content look like in 2018? | Wednesday 21st March | 12pm - 2pm

Join us to discuss 'What does good mobile content look like in 2018?' with Snapchat.

Our panel will be exploring the serious side of Snap and how we tackle tougher subjects, like Brexit and the election coverage. Buffet lunch on arrival will be followed by a panel discussion of guest speakers to kick off the chat.

Register here.

The Sun x Mindshare - Planning for Agility | Wednesday 21st March | 3pm - 4pm

Don't moan to The Drum's or The Sun's journalists about having a tight three- week deadline. In The Sun's case they bring out a new product every single day. They understand how news and current affairs drive discourse among consumers.

In this session they will give you top tips on how you can harness this amazing power. Mindshare and The Sun will be looking at how news and current affairs affects creative campaigns. They will focus on ‘Planning for Agility’ – and its role in media planning for clients. Paying special attention to building in news-buzz to creative planning when building a fresh media campaigns.

Get agile right now as tickets for this event are limited.

Register here.

Political Advertising Regulation debate | Wednesday 21st March | 5pm - 6pm

Motion: Political Advertising should be regulated

In the UK political Advertising is governed by no one. While Kellogg’s, Unilever, Tesco and every other brand promise is watched over carefully, the promises of those who Govern Britain can be advertised without care to a public, which causes confusion and disillusion, i.e. the promise that £350m a week would be spent on the NHS should Brexit become a reality.

This debate will see two sides argue for and against the motion - Political advertising in Britain should be regulated - featuring a number of political and Advertising professionals.

Register here. to decide who wins!

The Sun Emotions panel discussion | Thursday 22nd March | 10am - 11am

We've all had our tears jerked and our chains yanked - all done in the name of pulling our strings.

This fascinating panel will make sense of the role of emotions in marketing and how more and more brands are exploiting this emerging science.

Join Mark Field, director of Bridge Studios, News UK and Professor Paul Dolan from London School of Economics as well as speakers from Movember, Bountiful Cow for a discussion on how brands can capture the power of emotions using creative campaigns and targeting.

Register here now or you'll be furious if you miss this.

Pub lunch with Iotec | Thursday 22nd March | 12pm - 1pm

Iotec follow up on their recent report, Ethical Adtech: Bringing Transparency And Accountability to Digital Marketing, to invite audiences to enjoy some pub lunch and share their ideas on bringing transparency and accountability to digital marketing. Join us for a hearty discussion on whether the media industry has fallen out of love with digital marketing and even meatier chats with pies, pints and people from a range of brands and agencies.

Register here

The Debrief - Everything you need to know about SXSW | Thursday 22nd March | 3pm - 4pm

If your idea of attending South By South West was a weekend in Bristol, this is your chance to find out what happened in Austin, one of the worlds biggest tech and creative festival.

Our Thursday afternoon a panel discussion with Karmarama will discuss the key trends to come out of the event that you should be aware of.

Register here y'all!

Wrap Party | 22nd March | 6pm - late

After a week of non-stop action, it’s time to wind down – and just have a good time. Come to the pub to cap off a manic week of pub lunches, karaoke and quizzes.

Last orders please!

All sessions will be held at The Drum & The Sun Arms, 15 Denman St, W1D 7HN, London

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