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‘Keep looking forward’: Exceptional Women of the World featuring Kristina Prokop, Eyeota

Kristina Prokop, co-founder and executive vice president of special ops at Eyeota

Exceptional Women of the World is a podcast that highlights and celebrates the great achievements, lives and POV of amazing women throughout the world of advertising, marketing, digital, tech and creativity.

Kristina Prokop, co-founder and executive vice president of special ops at Eyeota in Berlin, has come a long way since growing up near Niagara Falls, New York. After graduating with a biology degree and moving to San Francisco, Prokop gravitated towards the adtech space.

Blending science and advertising with international business landed her in Germany where she has lived for 17 years, running Eyeota for seven, a company that provides marketers with the data to reach audiences online and helps them understand customers as humans, not just numbers.

Proving Eyeota could work across three continents was not only a real challenge but also her most significant victory. She gets her can-do attitude from her family – a determined grandmother who graduated from law school in 1927, one of the few women to do so, and two strong parents, including her father who came to the US from Germany when he was 19.

Though her job is demanding, she tries to keep things in perspective and have a sense of humor, which helps a lot considering she lives abroad. Living overseas, she said, is something everyone should experience, and with that comes her ‘must learn’ which is to speak a foreign language.

Imparting her wisdom, Prokop says that for people that are looking to start a business, it is essential to not fixate on fitting in neatly.

“I do not fit into a lot of a lot of typical boxes, and I have been able to show that does not have to stop you from building a company,” she says. “Just keep looking forward and don't be afraid to jump into the deep end.”

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