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Ashley Madison promotes the importance of staying ahead of your affair’s spouses

The preferred website to find an affair, Ashley Madison, is teaching better infidelity through fitness in its latest campaign.

The leading married dating website launched its new year campaign advising cheaters that if not getting caught is one of their New Year’s resolutions, then staying fit should be too.

The campaign, titled ‘Morning Run,’ features a woman appearing to be out for a routine morning run. A voice over asks “Why am I out of bed before anyone else? Why do I run faster than I did yesterday?...I just don’t want to get caught.”

We see the woman running behind her chasing her down as she runs from her extramarital partner’s wife as the ad closes and the site’s tagline comes up – “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Isabella Mise, director of communications for said: “With an average increase of 8.1% in new signups between December and January over the past five years, January is a big month for infidelity on Ashley Madison. We think this video takes a tongue-and-cheek approach to how our members can incorporate New Year’s fitness goals into their overall mission of having a successful affair — that is an undiscovered affair.”

Created by 5 Stranger Films, the spot is part of a digital media buy for the infidelity site during the peak January timeframe when consumers are typically reevaluating their daily habits often times their personal fitness goals. So if you want to stay fit and find date while you’re married, apparently now is the right time.

Ashley Madison is no stranger to controversy. It admittedly used 'fembots' in 2016 impersonating real women to encourage male users to sign up. And more recently it agreed to an $11m settlement in the US for users who were hacked.

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