Time to face the music: How marketers can create more transparency

Ethical Adtech: Does adtech have a heart?

2017 saw the adtech industry come under fire with major technology companies facing scrutiny for their media practices. Faith in programmatic media buying is shaky as a recent study revealed 71% of marketers continue to be anxious over financial disclosures and measurement of digital media.

It is time to take some action and that is why The Drum has teamed up with Iotec to address these issues head-on by launching an event to champion change in the adtech industry.

The event, 'Ethical Adtech: Does adtech have a heart?' will take place on 15 February, at the Century Club in London. Brands will discuss how they are addressing issues around brand safety, viewability and reporting discrepancies and their experiences around championing transparency when working with partners.

Joining the panel will be Bilge Ciftci, CMO of Vodafone, Peter Markey, marketing director of TSB and Phil Smith, director general of ISBA. More panellists will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

The event will also launch Iotec’s ‘Ethical Adtech’ white paper, produced in partnership with The Drum. ‘Manifesto for ethical adtech’ will also be unveiled by Iotec — a blueprint for how the digital supply chain needs to be overhauled to rebalance the whole ecosystem and respect all parties within the chain.

The white paper will discuss how amid growing concerns around brand safety and fraud, marketers are responding by revisiting their marketing strategies. It will cover how the industry continues to redouble its efforts to promote better transparency, and the ways in which brand owners are striving for even more efficiencies and effectiveness from their media spend.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact naomi.taylor@thedrum.com. Please note that there are limited seats and you will need to have confirmation of registration to allow entry.

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